High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT training is much more effective for developing the aerobic system and raising the body’s metabolism for longer, burning more fat and developing muscular strength in the process.

The best thing about this type of training is it’s usually all over in 15-20 minutes or even way less than that!


All Over Body - Strength and Conditioning Workouts

These sessions are all over body workouts designed to get you lean in record time. Perform each exercise straight through, one after the other followed by a 2 minute recovery period.


18 Simple Rules to Remember in Order to Significantly Shift Stubborn Fat

18 simple rules that you can follow to make a significant difference right away!


The Fat Loss Foundation – 4 step - ‘Get in the Gym, Get on with it and Get Outta There’ - Super Set Session

This should take you 20-25 minutes or less to complete, so that means no posing, chatting away to others or making excuses.


Replace Your Jogging with Metabolism Jolting Workouts

OK, I have run my share of marathons/Ironman Triathlons etc (and will probably continue do more!!) however I have continued to go faster (defying the ageing process too!) by becoming leaner and more muscular and supplementing my Iron specific longer training with weight/resistance strength and conditioning training.

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