M.I.G.H.T. Training (incorporating CardioMax) = Maximum Fat Loss

Maximal Intensity Go Hard Training

M.I.G.H.T training incorporates a weight training set, following each set include a short burst of Maximal Intensity Interval Training called CardioMax and see amazing fat loss results.

This is a new but really effective way to perform your workouts in order to blast body fat, it is also designed to offer an alternative if you reach a plateau and need to further improve your fat loss results.

When I go to the gym I see many people just ‘plodding’ through easy cardio sessions, often without performing any resistance training before or after this.

You know my stance on this already, but again believe me when I tell you that long, slow, boring cardio will do NOTHING for you when it comes to fat loss, unless you have a spare 3-4 hours+ or more per day!

You’ve got to raise the intensity and the Weights + CardioMax is a new approach, so try it not only for variety but for really  effective fat loss.

Just what is M.I.G.H.T?

You’ve all heard of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) by now haven’t you, well I’ve just ramped it up a little more.

M.I.G.H.T.  = Maximal Intensity Go Hard Training

This means that following each set of weight training e.g. 5 sets of 8 reps of bicep curls, after each set you perform between 30 seconds to 1 minute of maximal effort on a cardio machine e.g. on a stationary bike or treadmill (or go and sprint 200/300/400 metres or so if you are outside).

The aim is to only just be able to complete the time/distance you have set relative to your current fitness level.

So an example I use is to alternate between each of my weight training sets then perform short 1 minute explosion of maximal intensity cardio effort (CardioMax).

So your example Weights+ CardioMax  workout programme should look like this:

Weight Training Set 1



5 sets of 8 Squats

30-60 seconds flat out on any cardio machine


Weight Training Set 2



5 Sets of 8 Bench Presses


30-60 seconds flat out on any cardio machine

Weight Training Set 3



5 Sets of 8 Bicep Curls


30-60 seconds flat out on any cardio machine


Weight Training Set 3



5 Sets of 8 Lat Pull Downs


30-60 seconds flat out on any cardio machine


Weight Training Set 4



5 Sets of 8 Shoulder Presses


30-60 seconds flat out on any cardio machine


Don’t underestimate just how hard this ‘Boot Camp’ style of effort is, but just be reassured that the calorie burn and afterburn absolutely smashes any form of long, slow, low intensity cardio session. Intermittent high intensity efforts work.....period and are your fast track to your fastest fat loss gains through your workouts. Nail your nutrition and you can’t go wrong here.

My clients love it and have seen amazing results so give it a go and see what I mean................enjoy the results.


Pre-Breakfast Morning Workouts - THE Secret to Rapid Fat Loss

Much research has gone into just why ‘morning workouts in a fasted state’ burn so much more body fat.

This school of thought has been brought to our attention by sport scientists, physical trainer’s research articles and even high profile sport nutritionists and web experts.

The theory is that when we wake up we have basically an empty stomach.


Running in your Aerobic Engine So That You Can Push Your Efforts to the Red Line.

Cardiovascular Conditioning! = Developing your Aerobic Base

So Why Should We Train Our Aerobic Base?

Simple we can burn more body fat!

This section is mainly for those of you just starting or coming back into training after a long lay off.



The Rating of Perceived Exertion or RPE scale has very positive advantages when measuring ’intensity of exercise and even bigger potential for fat loss.

This could be YOU hidden secret to maximising fat loss.

RPE can play a massive role in you being able to categorise your workouts into hard, very hard and easier workouts.

The RPE scale represents a very close relationship between heart rate, the rate of physical effort you expend and the blood lactate produced during your sessions. All of these have massive knock-on advantages when measuring for fat loss.


How to Use Cardio Machines in the Gym or at Home

How many people do you see in the gym literally just ‘going through the motions’ on these enormous machines?

Too many people use them as an excuse to sit down and spin or plod through a light session, time after time whilst concentrating more on a TV screen than their own effort.

Remember that low intensity exercise on these machines is not worth the effort unless you have 3-4 hours or more to spare!

If you own or use many of these cardio/aerobic development machines you should treat these as an opportunity to get in a high octane - ‘train like a sprinter’ power based session.

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