“Success Comes From Setting a List of Attainable Goals”

Goal setting is an important task. You are going to have to set specific, measurable and achievable points on a ladder to success (Refer to the table on the next page). Do not aim to high at this point and make sure everything you do is on a pathway that keeps you motivated to meet those goals.


Make a Contract to yourself

It’s Time to Change How You Mentally and Physically Workout

The No1 Rule:

‘Write out a contract to yourself stating your outcome goals’ - Within your contract to yourself make sure that you persevere and stay strong in order to achieve your goals! If you fail to persevere - you will fail!!


Switching OFF Your Hunger!

Does the expectation of food set off the hunger alarm response in our Brain?

Studies have shown that our brain activity change during a meal, and that the expectation of food e.g. ‘whetting the appetite’ with a small portions of food prior to a larger meal stimulates a spike in brain activity in specific hunger response centres.


Your One month Vivid Visual Imagery Challenge

Be prepared to develop the new you. It starts with your new training direction.

The mind is a very powerful tool and you can become not only what you eat but also what you think about and how you see yourself in the world. If you continually have a self-concept (how you see yourself in the world) of being overweight or unattractive, you will always.
It’s time to change that outlook.

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