Nutrition for optimum athlete workouts

‘The Essentials’

‘A good diet can’t make an average athlete great, but a poor diet can make a great athlete average’ D. Costill (1994).

Here are some recommended foods to eat in order to fuel your workout optimally. Remember that you will only be able to train and perform at your maximum if you are fuelled to do so.

For fat loss gains try to workout on an empty stomach, or make sure that you have digested at least a small meal 2-3 hours before.

Remember that if the body’s gas tank is empty your muscles will not produce the required power and will turn to fat for a fuel rather than carbohydrate, as a result be aware that your technique may be affected.



Your Knowledge Measurement Self Assessment Book

The real secret to fat loss and building muscle lies with CORRECT NUTRITION.
However what people lack is real knowledge in this area and this can set you back from your goals significantly.

So I designed this book in order for you to be able to assess and further develop your own knowledge on the most important aspect of attaining your goals – Correct Diet and Nutrition.


Carbonated Fizzy Drinks ABSOLUTELY WILL Sabotage Your Fat Loss Progress

Many people make the mistake of drinking fizzy drinks thinking that they’re safe in the knowledge that their consuming zero calories.


Ideal Nutrition for Competitive Events

As you prepare for a big event such as a running race or triathlon, you may want to taper your training so you are gradually doing less volume in training and are fresher for the big day.

If this is the case, you’ll need to think about changing your eating habits as well – if you carry on eating the same amount, you may start putting on weight and increased body fat which may impair your performance.

It’s not something you should be checking rigorously after every meal or every training session but keep an eye on what you’re eating and the number of calories going in nonetheless.



Plan Ahead to Stay on Top of Your Fat Loss”

      Meal Planning = Fat Loss Success.

Always think ahead to your next day’s nutrition, don’t put yourself in the position of having to shop on the spot for a specific meal.

‘Poor Planning = Poor Performance - If you do fail to plan effectively you will take one step forward but you will definitely two steps back from your fat loss goals.

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