Warming up is a vital aspect if you are to maximise your fat burning workouts, not only does it raise your
pulse rate, delivering oxygen to the muscles and increase your body’s thermal temperature, but it also starts off a process called beta-oxidation where the
body starts to made free fatty acids available for burning.

The key is to carry out a short but graduated series of exercises that are easily done but get your body ‘in-gear’ and ready to rip into your main session.

“Yes we need to build gradually but there’s no easy 5 minutes spinning on the bike, a light jog here a relaxing row there!”

This is an all over body warm up that will get you ready for action quickly and effectively.

It will stimulate and prepare your body to optimally burn fat and may even develop more lean muscle!!

So add this session to the start of your workouts:

No rest between efforts:

•1 set of 10 barbell clean, squat and presses (bodyweight)*

To clean, push, press effectively - lift the barbell up to chest level and hold, then ease down into a squat then push up out of the squat and press the weight over head and then repeat

•1 set of 10 Bodyweight Squats
•1 set of 10 Press ups (on knees if you can’t do full press ups yet)
•1 set of 10 Squats with empty bar
•1 set of 10 light dumbbell chest presses
•1 set of 10 light weight barbell squats
•1 set of 10 moderate weight dumbbell chest presses
•1 set of 10 barbell clean, squat and presses with light dumbbells



If you feel the need to stretch before your session, make sure that you only hold the stretches for around 10-15 seconds only as this will stimulate excitory nerves and improve blood flow.

If you hold a stretch for longer than 20 seconds or for the often recommended 30 seconds you will trigger receptors in the muscles to relax rather than invigorate.

So remember, only hold stretches for 30-40 seconds after exercise to help the muscles cool down and stimulate the relaxation mechanisms.

Do that and 5-6 minutes later your ready to start your main workout full on!