Dispelling the Myths-

Insider Knowledge the Gym Joe’s don’t Tell You!

Commercial gyms want one thing – Your money and recurring business no matter whether you ever get fit.

Fitness is NOT really their business, BUT MONEY MAKING IS!

So what do they actually do? – They get us to sit on these ridiculous giant cardio exercise machines at very low intensities for intermittent periods!

What I mean by this is 15 minutes on one machine then 10 minutes on another I mean, come on how tedious is that!


Furthermore we are there trying to burn excess calories – and these machines usually provide very inaccurate indicators of this.


Here’s a quick example, I once owned a simple spin style exercise bike (a very well known brand too). I thought I’d try a nice simple 45 minute easy spin as a recovery from the previous day’s hard training session.


In that ‘easy’ 45 minutes the ‘computer’ on the handlebars told me that I’d burned nearly 976 CALORIES!


976 CALORIES in a 45 minute easy session?

“To do that I probably should have been pedalling at 40mph!!!”


My own heart rate monitor thankfully provided more accurate information due to the fact that I had inputted my own physiological data into it.


I had actually burned 244 calories for that easy ride.


What does this tell us? - Well these machine lie to us in more than one way! Many of them are recumbent (basically we’re flat out, virtually lying down) machines or were sat down anyway. This keeps our heart rate lower for a start. We are then told to sit there for ½ hour watching soap opera’s and chat shows etc in our low intensity ‘fat burning’ zone.


What happens? – Nothing! – Well actually we get fatter!


Why? – Because we are not raising our metabolism anywhere near high enough to be effective!


What do most do after their ‘workout’? – You then feel that you can reward yourself with the wrong foods and excess alcohol because you ‘burned off’ some calories.


What happens next? – You get fatter.… From the excess calorie intake and then go back to the gym (remember that recurring income ploy!!) to waste more endless, fruitless hours in your low intensity zone.


What’s the answer then? – No 1 there are only a small number of well researched fitness experts that know the real answers to optimum fat loss.  And all of them could get you super fit probably on 15- 20 minutes (some in even less time!!) per day 3-4 days per week.


This can be done using your own bodyweight in your own front room if you like. For example, I could stimulate a rapid increase in your metabolism, muscle mass and fat losses in 10 minutes every other day just using some dumbbells or even a bag of sand!!!


If I can save you workout time, hard earned cash eating well in order to get you a great looking body what does that lead to?



‘You’re new, self-improved lifestyle!!!!’ 

Another BIG fat burning secret is about to be revealed.


So let’s get started on revealing those fat loss secrets shall we!

1. Concentrate on powerful all over body multiple joint exercises.  


What this means is that emphasis should be placed on all over body training. The term compound means exercises that involve large muscle masses along with our stabiliser/core muscles called fixators and synergists for maximum effect in minimum time.


Examples include the barbell clean – squat and overhead press all done in one movement. E.g. lift the barbell up in a clean to the shoulders, then squat and then push the bar up above your head and then repeat.


This type of training asks that the whole body e.g. arms, legs, abdominals/core stability muscles, legs and shoulders are all called into play.


2. By carrying out a number of repeated sets with minimal or no rest is the secret to driving your body’s hormonal system into high gear –


This is THE secret to keeping your metabolism high.


The reason behind this is that you get a great resistance and muscle development workout whilst at the same time training your aerobic system for maximum fat burning results (“I will discuss the secret of how EPOC works on other pages”). There’s no need to sit on an exercise bike for hours.


By keeping the training intensity high, (“and that means no long rest periods and chatting to others!”) is the answer to maximising fat loss.


Make sure that you rip into your workout with determination; it might only be for a little time e.g. 10 -20 minutes so you should be able to get up for that! Research has shown that the optimum time zone is between 7 and 45 minutes for optimum muscle growth gains.


And the great thing about that is not only are you gaining all that fabulous muscle but a bi-product of that is that you are shedding loads of fat.