First Things First - Setting Fat Loss Goals

You need to know exactly what you want to achieve!

Just how are you going to get your dream body?

Planning and Goal Setting

Here are some comments on goal setting just for you, directly from a top, Former International Athlete, Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist and World Record Holder


“Setting specific goals is a great way to motivate and discipline yourself in order to achieve your aims”………………….“Stay in control by planning your own future!”

Goal setting and time management is a vital part of the planning process and the road to maximising your training. This not only works for your training and nutrition plan, but it is also an excellent tool for planning your life.

If we don’t set intended goals they will become nothing but wishes. So try to write a checklist with S.M.A.R.T objectives.

  • Specific: Is it relative to your goal outcomes?
  • Measurable: Can we measure progression toward your goals?
  • Achievable: How will you get to your goals?
  • Realistic: Can you actually GET to your goal?
  • Time: When are you going to achieve your goal/s and when to set the next one

Now we know one thing for sure – you want to improve your lifestyle, fitness levels, eating behaviour and overall health – we just need to be a little more specific now.

“By knowing what you want to achieve and planning how to get there is half the battle”

So many people are derailed from their plans for a number of reasons such as:

Boredom in the training programme - especially ‘long, slow cardio’ sessions, wasn’t it Einstein that said 

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

  • Not seeing results quickly enough
  • Lack of single minded strength of mind, pride and dedication that sets you beyond others
  • Working to absolutely no plan whatsoever

The key is to picture exactly what your outcome goals are:

  • Do you want to lose weight to make a dress/jeans size?
  • Shed body fat to show six pack abdominals?
  • Build muscle?
  • Or just simply feel great?

We can then break those definitions down even further.

  • How are you going to lose weight?
  • What type of exercise suits you?
  • What eating behaviour do you need to adopt?
  • Assessing your strength of mind?

Remember all of this is highly personal and no one person is the same.

We can then design the blueprint to get you to your own set outcomes.

We will then adopt my own Vivid Visual Imagery (VVI) mindset approach to develop your mind. This will help you enjoy the journey and stick with your programme.

VVI will help develop the strength of mind that will put you into an elite group of people, who are focussed on the success of your outcome. However, you will find that some people will be jealous of your new approach to life, seeing how healthy you look and feel, they will be the one’s saying “oh go on, have a piece of that cake” in an attempt to derail your gains.

But your strength of mind and the results you are gaining will allow YOU to make the right decision.

It’s all about constantly making gains towards your goal, and making that goal a reality!

The closer you get to your goal the easier it is to control any cravings.

You will know what foods affect you, and in what ways e.g. the effect a few biscuits will have on you, eating that bar of chocolate and its effect on your blood sugar levels or even that fast food meal that’s supposed to fill a gap till later.

Task 1 is to set your goals on a What, How, When Goal Setting Ladder.

This is a ladder format that top athletes use to help them win Olympic and Commonwealth Games medals and break world records.

She started top left and worked her to bottom right, listing S.M.A.R.T. goals leading to her major goals being met at that point.

So, take a few minutes and find a quiet room, close your eyes and try to fully relax.

Try to empty your mind and create a vision in your head of what you want to achieve. Try to picture the sights (of what the ‘new you’ will look like), also picture sounds (possibly of what your friends will say to the new you) and also how good you will feel within yourself to have that ‘beach body’!

Then on your Goal Setting Ladder make those first steps on the rungs to success.


‘Your Simple Steps to Success’


Here are some examples of possible goals you can fill in on your Goal Setting Ladder