Strength of mind plays a much bigger part than anyone thinks when it comes to fat loss. How you use of images can help paint a vivid picture of how YOU want to look in your own mind. Using these images you can recall them and apply them to your senses.

Try this imagination test: Think of your house-number and how it appears on your door!

When you do this you are mentally restoring something which has been embedded in your senses. Now if you do this a number of times you will train your mind to vividly picture what you want. Following this you will be able to see this image almost as clearly as if it were actually in front of you.

This is called ‘Mental Imagery’ and is used by highly focused and successful athletes. Just think if you can apply this to your mind and focus it towards your fat
loss goals e.g. having a mental picture of how you WANT TO, and how YOU WILL look is a fantastic skill to have.

The word imagery usually signifies something connected with the eye and not the mind, and implies that mental images are entirely visual. In truth we can, with
practice for an image of practically anything that we can actually sense.

To gain the most vivid visual imagery we must open ourselves up to everything around us especially those areas that we learn the most from!

We can create specific images from specific things that happen to us such as -

Things we have:

Seen (Visual)
Pictures/images (Visual)
Touched (Kinaesthetic)
Things we’ve heard (Auditory)
Tasted (Gustatory)
Smelled (Olfactory)

And how we behave/respond to certain situations.

One of the most dramatic use of images comes from the mental process of our Imagination. Think about when we read a book, any book we study each page in a wholly imaginary manner.

Think about it, when we read our mind is engaged, and filled with images. Those images are usually rich, wide, varied and vivid. This kind of imagery paints a clear and strong picture in our mind of how we want something to look. It includes colours, sounds, tastes, smells, touches, even of sensations from our own internal
organs, such as stomach butterflies, sweating, increases in breathing rate and heart palpitations. It can also instil feelings of pride, anger, remorse, adoration,
excitement and many more. The key is that they need to be sharp, clean and vivid.

Why not try it for yourself: Read a passage from a book and make a note of the number, variety and vividness of the images you create I think that
you’ll agree that you are tapping into a powerful new tool for your fat loss armoury. The training of your imagination, including variety, clarity and vividness
of mental images is going to be vital.

So try this V.V.I. training technique

Write a short passage e.g. ½ to 1 page long, describing how you look. Make sure that you are really descriptive of you with your dream body. Include something like “as I was working out at the gym everyone was looking at me, I was lifting with perfect form, my six-pack abs are rock hard with no stomach fat on them at all, and as I lifted the dumbbell my biceps were becoming more and more chiselled”.

You get the 'er'..... ‘picture’!

Be really specific on your key body areas such as your abs, biceps, triceps, chest, shoulders, back and legs. Also be really descriptive and ‘don’t hold back’ on describing how fantastic you look. This is how you WANT to look so really go to town on it. Enjoy yourself describing how you WILL look.

Then you will need to read and re-read this passage to yourself on a regular basis, now I know it sounds a little strange and maybe a little uncomfortable to do, but believe me it works. You will start to form a clear picture in your mind of how you want to look and it becomes clearer and clearer with every read. After 3 or 4
reads through you will eventually not need the written passage as you will have transferred or imprinted the Vivid Visual Image into your brain and it
virtually becomes another sense.

V.V.I. and a trained imagination can really work, as your inspiration and it is a rare but very effective skill to have.