The Fat Loss Foundation

When setting up the Fat Loss Foundation I really wanted to help pretty much everyone and anyone, not just those fat free, muscular top athletes I work with on a daily basis.  So I decided to create a website and a series of self help books purely dedicated to promoting good health and declare war on an ever increasing public enemy in our lives these days … BODY FAT.

The key is to educate and inspire people of all ages. Taking the information on board allows you to pass on sound advice to family members and friends, spreading the word of good health and increasing the numbers who are aware of the dangers of fat, obesity and subsequent poor health.

The plan was to have a website that anyone could go to and hand pick tips, advice, books, e-books, videos, audio etc for their own use. All the advice would be from proven professionals around the world including expert sports coaches, and recognised and highly regarded online fitness professionals.

The main goal is to create as much information on nutrition, training and lifestyle for anyone at any age. There will be something for you whether you are 7, 77 or 107!


Yes that's me, (caught with a cheeky snapshot by my wife, there's no posing here!) at around 10% body fat at 47 years old. I don't have great genetics for fat loss, but through clean nutrition and a high quality exercise plan I have created a lifestyle for me (and my family) of optimum health. I feel fitter than many people half my age! 

Do you want to build muscle, look good on the beach in shorts or bikini? Or do you just want to stay trim for the golf course? Do you regularly play sports or do you just want to be in good health?

There will be something here for you, whether you are a hard training athlete, a time constrained business and family person or if you are struggling with your weight and frustrated by constant yo-yo dieting.

Good health, low stress levels, total wellness and longevity are the aim of the Fat Loss Foundation.

Why did I start this website?

The 24-7 Fat Loss Formula 

My philosophy

The emphasis is on dedicating yourself to my strategies offered.  Don’t worry it will be easy, fun and will reward you with great fat loss results.