"As an actor it pays for me to be in shape, and when I really need to be fit and looking good I turn to Ian for his expert training and nutrition advice. He provides me with fast effective workouts that will get me looking the way I want for a specific part very quickly and effectively and the great thing is that I don’t have to starve myself in the process."

John Savage, Leicestershire, UK

"Using your advice I tweaked my diet and exercise routines and am now well on the way to hitting my target. So I can't thank you enough."

Diane - Nottinghamshire UK


"I dropped 2 dress sizes thanks to your advice and programmes Ian. I never thought I would see that day again especially after the birth of my first son. I will continue with my newly educated healthy lifestyle and workouts forever and my family are already seeing the results as well."

Elizabeth - Nottinghamshire, UK

"Hi Ian, just to say a big thank you to you for doing your nutrition and lifestyle talk yesterday. The feedback has been brilliant."

Ellesmere, UK


"Hi Ian, wanted to write and thank you for your nutrition and lifestyle talk last week to our club. I especially enjoyed your section on hydration & nutrition.

I found it most interesting, and enlightening. I shan't be conned again by my sons with regard to the 'energy' drinks and jelly!"

Carole - Oswestry, Shropshire, UK


"This all looks damned professional!"

Adam - Sheffield, UK


"Awesome! How good was that?

I followed your training plan and I ate and drank what you said......and only felt very slightly hungry in the last 15 minutes...but I stuck it out, then ate a banana along with a small protein drink. ALthough I did celebrate later with 2 large spritzers! Ooops.

The only pain I have today is saddle sore (not used to biking). I also did 1.5 hrs of Iyenga yoga tonight and feel really good. Still on a high actually.

I will share your programme with my triathlon team......but not the trainers (who have challenged us!)"

Carole - Oswestry, Shropshire


"You are an absolute star!!! Thanks a million. I’ll certainly have a Merry Christmas! I hope you do too."

Kate - Loughborough, Leicestershire


"Thanks Ian that is very helpful, it is hard to know where I am without having a reference to go back to, so your info and advice is invaluable to me.

Your comments and coaching are spot on and the short sharp workout sessions you sent me boost my general fitness too. To be honest I see now how poor I was fitness wise, but using your training sessions makes me really want to be a good swimmer now.

I'll continue to go to the gym regularly and perform the swimming specific routines you suggested. I'll owe you a drink after this Ian! Thanks for the support as well as this info."

Ray W  - London


"Hi Ian, I’m delighted! I did 1.24 in the Tri event yesterday and had a great time too. Not bad for an old boy!!! On page 6 of 11 in the results !!!

Finished about 10th in my class, so well happy. I need to swim better and get wetsuit off quicker though !!! Thanks for all the advice it has really helped me."

Ray - London, UK


"Thanks for all of this fitness and lifestyle information Ian you are a star. I cannot believe only the slightest alterations can make so much difference."

Sarah - Birmingham, UK


"Ian - You Da Man!!

Thanks again mate, you really are on fire at the moment. Below is a picture of the beach where we are mate. Get your board shorts ready and let’s plan to get you on the plane!!"

Mike - Queensland, Australia


"Hi Ian, thanks for all the help and advice you sent me over the past month. I do appreciate the time you have spent replying to me. I'm really beginning to see a difference now, mainly because of the adjustments to my exercise programme. Thank you once again for all your help."

Reg (70+ Years Old and still going strong) - Derbyshire, UK


"Many thanks for your nutrition and training advice, as you know I completed my English Channel swim successfully in 12 hours 55 mins. I can't thank you enough."

Nuala - Swansea, UK

"I enjoyed attending your fitness, nutrition and lifestyle course yesturday, even if you have put me off drinking coffee or eating a pudding again!"

Jenny - Newcastle UK


"Ian, thank you so much again for all the advice. It really is much appreciated."

Caroline - Afghanistan


"My stomach has been really good. I am so pleased that I am now able to control what it does. I can't thank you enough for helping me to sort it out - it has changed my life. It’s sometimes a pain not being able to eat some things that I like - but it is worth it."

Caroline - Yorkshire, UK


"Many thanks for the advice and time, you must be inundated!"

Rich (Now a 9 hour 22mins Ironman) - Yorkshire, UK