Take Control of Your Eating Behaviour – Avoid Overeating

Its in your hands, you need to understand that you are solely responsible for your fat loss goals. You are the one who needs to have the strength of mind to opt for healthier choices. You are the one who needs to rise above temptations and believe me those temptations will come and its takes a special kind of strength to overcome it. Have that strength and your body will thank you.


It’s key to remember that what you eat will work for you or against you.  Remember that no amount of exercise will make as big a difference as nailing your nutrition and lifestyle choices.  Correct forms of exercise are the, if you’ll excuse the pun, ‘icing on the cake’.

“If you get this section right you won’t go wrong”
We tend to overlook the need to seriously control our blood sugar levels!

The Key factors you need to know in order to lose body fat.

  • If you eat cheap processed foods you are certain to raise your insulin/blood glucose levels.
  • When this happens your brain sends a message to "conserve and store fat!" this stops your fat burning in its tracks.
  • The secret is to concentrate on eating unprocessed foods. The majority of your intake (85-95%) should be a cycling of; raw, steamed or micro waved vegetables (yes micro waving vegetables locks much of the goodness inside), whole meal/grains, nuts, fresh salad, oats, lean protein, and fruit.
  • Avoid white starchy flour products, most bakery foods/cakes etc, sugary and fizzy drinks, and virtually all carbohydrate snacks.
  • Be wary of cereals that claim to be healthy but are just simple sugars buried in whole wheat.
  • You must adapt our lifestyle to scientific fact in order to progress.