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Plan Ahead to Stay on Top of Your Fat Loss”

      Meal Planning = Fat Loss Success.

Always think ahead to your next day’s nutrition, don’t put yourself in the position of having to shop on the spot for a specific meal.

‘Poor Planning = Poor Performance - If you do fail to plan effectively you will take one step forward but you will definitely two steps back from your fat loss goals.

What this means is, if you work hard on consuming the right foods at the right time, creating a ‘calories in’ deficit in relation to your ‘calories out’ from training (e.g. if you are a male who needs to consume 2000 calories daily, you will need vary your nutrition with around 1200 calorie one day followed by 2400 calories the next.You can end the week on a cheat day that includes eating a little more too. You will then see the weekly average is pretty much spot on. Couple this with a balanced exercise plan and you will start to see results of 1-2 pounds of fat per week.

That is because you will be approximately 800 calories short for one day followed by 400 calories excess the next.  You will never miss those 800 calories as long as you eat in the correct foods in a careful and controlled manner.

If you follow this plan for 6 days per week, allowing yourself that 1 cheat day per week you will still burn around 3000-3500 calories more per week, which equates to 2.2 kilograms or 1 pound of fat.

Monday – 1200 Calories
Tuesday – 2400 Calories
Wednesday – 1200 Calories
Thursday – 2400 Calories
Friday – 1200 Calories
Saturday – 2400Calories
Sunday – 3300 Calories
Average Calories per Day 2014

However if you break from your healthy lifestyle for a period of time (e.g. 1 or 2 unhealthy foods or snacks in a 48 hour period) it can take your body 48-72 hours or more to purge these toxins from your system and impede any gains made in training. This equates to just one chocolate, which can unhinge all the gains made unless it’s a cheat day.

“In other words your training has just become a waste of time, if it’s followed by poor nutritional behaviour”

Think about it!!!

A recommended expert in the field of ‘interval eating’ is Jon Benson who is the best selling author of The Every Other Day Diet

Those of you who don’t plan will be left to cater for yourselves ‘on the hop’. Many people eat in this makeshift manner and are forced to continually eat the wrong foodstuffs at the wrong time. In other words you shop when hungry and usually get tempted by all the wrong foods that are usually quick, processed, fatty fixes. That's a recipe for disaster in relation to your training and fat loss goals.

You should eat fibre-rich vegetables and if possible cruciferous vegetables (pretty much all vegetables that grow on stalks) at every other meal to assist your fat loss efforts. By doing this you will be more in control of your blood sugar levels, controlling your insulin rise - thus supporting the optimal hormonal situation for fat loss.