Is Your Lifestyle Actually Hindering Your Fat Loss Goals?

In order to have a Positive Lifestyle – You need to think and be Positive!!

“You need to distance yourself from as many negative aspects of life as possible”

“Always think positively, there is always a way forward”

Too many people are stressed these days, but have you ever wondered why? When we look back over the years stress levels have never been as high as they are today.


The question is how to do I avoid this! The good thing is that there are a number of ways of doing it.

I’ve talked about positivity, well, how many times have you heard someone who greets you say ‘how are you?’ And how many times have you heard someone reply, ‘oh not too bad’ or ‘oh I’m fair to middling’ or even ‘oh, I’m no so good’.

I even knew someone once who regularly answered back to my my cheerful ‘hey how are you doing?’ with ‘aaaah, my heads in a bucket mate!’  I don’t really hang with this person that much now as he dragged everyone down with him!

So what’s wrong with all those answers (if it’s not too obvious!)?

Well so many people tend to answer in the negative all the time.

The answer is that they have been unwittingly conditioned to do so, and that’s why it’s important to point out that certain aspects (and rather obvious and mundane ones at that) of life are easily slipped into and forgotten about.

Many of us go through life with continual worries, knotted stomachs, anxiety and anger over the slightest things that really bear little or no meaning to us really!

But with a little knowledge you can soon identify these things and develop your own strategies to counteract or cope with these stressors effectively.

You will be amazed how many people are actually overweight purely because of these knock-on aspects in life.  We will now look into what causes these stressors and go into battle against them.


Controlling your Body’s Acidity Levels and Avoiding the Negative Media

It is true that when we perform any exercise we produce lactic acid (and actually in small amounts even while we rest too), this acidity is the burning sensation we feel in our muscles when we perform at increasing intensities in sport e.g. in weight training it is the burning sensation we get that stops us lifting any more or when running it is the major contributor to us not being able to run any faster at a certain point.

We can only sprint so far without sufficient oxygen and then we will ‘tie up’ and hit exhaustion rapidly due to increases in lactic acid.

However and thankfully though lactic acid is a ‘body friendly, fat burning’ compound and can also act as an energy source that can be re-converted to glucose to create further energy as well.

Another plus point is that to perform muscle actions we perform better when we produce sufficient amounts of lactic acid as it also stimulates the hormonal system to burn more fat during your workout and at rest as well.

When you are training and you feel lactic acid building up in your muscles you know that you are working very hard and that optimum fat loss is one of the positive trade-offs.

This fat burning process occurs because lactic acid will look anywhere to find oxygen sources in the body so that it can re-convert itself into glucose. If no oxygen is available it is carried away in the bloodstream as blood lactate (the salt/ester of lactic acid) for excretion (basically it’s got rid of).

This process of returning back to resting acidity levels can take a little time as it involves oxygen cleaning up the ‘acidic debris’ around the muscle cells. But oxygen will also be able to enter the cells and release free fatty acids into the bloodstream as extra fuel to be burned.

Now that you know this process you will appreciate how important it is to thoroughly cool down after heavy training sessions and only return to hard training once the muscles are fully recovered and ‘cleansed’.

A good tip here is to train hard with weights one day and the next have an easier cardio day.

The problem is that we also produce body ‘unfriendly’ acids and many are produced through the negative aspects of life being forced upon us.

In today’s fast moving world we are bombarded with poor processed foods and drinks, stressors coming at you from everywhere, obesity and the knock on cancers and heart disease are still prevalent.

  1. Fortunately there is an answer in order to battle against this


The key to truly balancing your body is by controlling your stomach acidity levels.

Bad news, negative people, stressors and general unrest create an uneven pH (increased hydrogen ions in our body) level and increased free radicals in our body. What this means is that your body’s acid and bile status are out of balance.

You will be amazed just how many people are constantly and unwittingly in this state.

You see the optimum body balance and control is called ‘homeostasis’ but if your body is out of kilter your ‘homeostasis’ is affected. This can have a big impact on well-being.

When we are calm and relaxed we are normally in a slightly alkaline (non acidic) state which keeps our blood, organs and muscles relaxed but more importantly our hormonal system is relaxed.

Fat retention, ulcers, heart disease and a raft of other unpleasant ailments can be created through stress, and this is because it’s a chronic form of continued acid imbalance.

Furthermore, many people talk about detoxifying, well here’s something that will help you. You can do whatever you like e.g. cutting out alcohol and coffee, exfoliating your skin, drinking just water, eating nothing but salad etc. However you will never detoxify fully without controlling your acid balance status first.

So just how do I control my Body’s Acid Balance Status?

We can be in control our acidity levels to a degree (and I don’t mean taking antacid tablets!). As mentioned previously when we exercise we produce lactic acid, studies have shown that we can train our body to tolerate increasing levels of this and in turn we are more alkaline and relaxed at rest.

This also creates an increasingly relaxed effect on the brain and our subsequent well-being.

Here is the Key to it all

As I mentioned earlier, the key is to avoid the negativity that creeps into your everyday life, but where does this negativity creep in?

Because creep in it does.

Here’s the secret

Much of this is brought upon you unwittingly through outlets such as the mass media e.g. newspapers, TV news, depressing and distressing programming etc.

Too many people (and I would suggest this to be in the ten’s of millions of people) follow and believe what is stated and shown on these shows and printed in the media.
There are so many TV shows (and advertising) these days that are put there to evoke a reaction and that increase stress levels on the masses in a subconscious manner, e.g. soap opera’s, news bulletins and channels, certain movies, talent shows, reality TV shows and documentaries reporting on social issues, and kiss and tell shows that invoke confrontation and fight scenes (I think you know the kind of programming I’m talking about!!).

These programmes unconsciously unsettle people in the name of entertainment. They attempt to evoke a reaction to somebody else’s decision or situation.

This is a crafty psychological move by TV writers and controllers (basically experts in ‘mass control’) in that they try to give you a futile chance to retort, respond or interact to these decisions by either shouting at the TV, telephoning or emailing your comments and/or voting!!

This costs you pointless time and money on something that will make no difference to the outcome and will usually only create unwanted body imbalances.

Further to this the press and TV news channels (including advertising) want you to think that there are murderers, robbers, muggers and the like living virtually next door to you or hanging on your street corner.

Read most newspapers these days and you will see nothing but negativity and unrest reported, it is very rare that you see anything uplifting in them. They spend their time trying to tear down people and intrude into their private lives purely to entertain the masses. Its usually the rich and famous, but they don’t really care who it is.

Drop the media from your life and avoid getting sucked into the Negativity Trap

What most don’t realise is that they are being sucked into a ‘negativity trap’. Stay away from newspapers, TV news and scaremonger programming, firstly you don’t need it, secondly you don’t need to know about it and thirdly it is detrimental to your health.

All of this is basically a modern pessimistic means of bringing us down and creating a nation of conforming but miserable people in society.

Its time to take control and make your own mind up on what you want to read and watch!

“Do your body and mind a favour and take a step away from what the masses do by limiting your exposure to the mass media”

I certainly have and yes I still know what’s going on in the world, but I don’t have it forced upon me. Try it I’m sure that you’ll find it a therapeutic, liberating and energising experience.