Switching OFF Your Hunger!

Does the expectation of food set off the hunger alarm response in our Brain?

Studies have shown that our brain activity change during a meal, and that the expectation of food e.g. ‘whetting the appetite’ with a small portions of food prior to a larger meal stimulates a spike in brain activity in specific hunger response centres.

When we start to eat the mouth-watering effects of food switches on the hunger centres of the brain. When we start to eat a meal, messages from the brain stimulate satiation (that we’ve eaten enough) immediately.

However, we then tend to go on eating until we are full.

However if we are presented with further appetising foods whilst full our brain still stimulates our drive to eat further.

It is the forthcoming anticipation of food that stimulates certain brain cells involved in exciting the ‘hunger effect’, even when we are not actually hungry.

In other words when eating an appetiser, be careful not to over-eat your main course, following this allow a good period of time e.g. 30-40 minutes to decide if you really want to eat anything further.

The key point to take from this is:

“Let your stomach catch up with your brain in telling you that you are full!” “Don’t make rash decisions to eat something extra in this full state.”

“Too many people are only too ready to eat something sweet immediately after a main meal”

How do you recognise these negative energy suckers, turn them off and kick them out of your life for good”

Many overweight people KNOW that they are overweight. They promise that they will do something about it but……..never do.

‘There is an Answer, and a little knowledge goes a long way!’

The bottom line is: you are not born with a low metabolism (most babies are voracious feeders who demand food every few hours).
There are nutritional and training factors that can speed your metabolism, it’s just a question of understanding how and why!

This is a great quote courtesy from Lewis Wolk at A-Z Fitness.com

“Nothing tastes as good as being lean feels!”

Pin that to your refrigerator door!!

Avoid the Nay Sayers and those detrimental to your goals!

Whilst on your new fitness programme some people are going to try and de-rail you. These people tend to be the ‘nay sayers’ who will say “go on have another beer” or “come on you can go down to McDonalds just this once”!

Watch them they can be jealous of your new lifestyle and body improvements you are making.

Avoid smokers at all costs (even if they are not smoking keep them at, at least an arms length away as they still carry carcinogenic poisons around them). Passive smoking is more deadly as once thought and can have very inhibiting effects on a fit healthy body.

Remember smokers don’t really care about the longevity of themselves (something I can never figure out!!) or anybody else’s for that fact, they are used to destroying their body, you are not!!

The majority of successful people filter out negative people and spend most of their time amongst high achievers. Much success is gained in all walks of life if you Set goals.

Planning is vital in order to achieve your training and fat loss outcomes e.g. getting down to a certain weight by following an improved healthy nutrition lifestyle – set yourself a series of goals to meet in order to achieve this.

Further to this immerse yourself with people who have already attained this goal.